Paideia International Philosophical Journal

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"Man kann nur philosophieren lernen, d.i. das Talent der Vernunft in der Befolgung ihrer allgemeinen Prinzipien an gewissen vorhandenen Versuchen üben,doch immer mit Vorbehalt des Rechts der Vernunft, jene selbst in ihren Quellen zu untersuchen und zu bestätigen, oder zu verwerfen."

(I. Kant, KrV, B 866)

Supported by: Philosophisches Seminar der Ruprecht-Karls- Universität Heidelberg, Germany


Paideia is an online international journal of philosophy for undergraduate and master's students. Its aim is to promote philosophical debate between different universities. The journal allows a confrontation with publications through a rigorous discussion. 

Papers can focus on both the historical and theoretical philosophy, from an analytical or continental point of view. The journal will be published twice a year.

An editorial board, composed of both PhD candidates and lecturers, judges the papers via a blind peer-review.

Papers should be original and not yet published in any other journal.

English, German and French are accepted.


Paideia Journal - Perspektive nach der Postmoderne 2014 is online. Download the issue.


Deadline for submissions: October 15, 2014.

Our next issue is going to be about every aspect of Kantian philosophy. More info on the call for papers section.







The Editors

Fausto Carcassi and Marco Tamborini



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